Food for thought

Took my son shopping today, apparently he had been discussing with his brother my relationship with my husband. They both agreed that they wanted to tell me that, if I needed to I could move in with them. My husband is not their dad, I have been with him for three years now, we have known each other for about seven years but never got it together until a few years after we first met.

He looks after me incredibly well, one of my sons calls me his trophy wife as he is nine years older than me, his whole world revolves around me, he isn’t in contact with any of his family and he has no friends. I am his life so I’m sure you will understand that sometimes it gets super claustrophobic, there are many other issues too, he is extremely negative and complains about everything, he is a closet racist and comments every time there is a black or mixed race couple on TV which sickens me, he lies and causes issues every single time we leave the house especially if we go out socially I’m not allowed to be away from him too long. You may wonder why I am with him? I have had no worries since we have been together, I don’t have to stress about where the next penny is coming from to be able to pay the rent, he doesn’t drink so I don’t have to worry that he will be abusive towards me both verbally and physically, he idolises me and puts me on a pedestal and I am safe and truly loved for the first time in my life.

Obviously the boys felt the need to give me an option if I need it, they tolerate him, they know he loves and looks after me but they can’t stand being around him because of his behaviour. Being in lockdown we haven’t been out socially for a long time, I guess only time will tell and I may at some point need to take them up on their offer, I will have to wait and see..

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