Mother’s Day

I began this site on Mother’s Day 2021. I have been feeling emotional and very much in turmoil over the past few days, I have been taking stock of my life as I do every now and again, I suffer with depression and despite taking anti depressions I have an episode every now and again, it builds up slowly and then BANG it hits me. I woke up feeling very tearful and emotional, thinking about my mum who passed away a few years ago, thinking that my kids (all grown up) don’t love me, I’ve failed them, I’ve been a terrible mum it went on and on. I sat looking in the mirror as I done my make up and began to cry, sobbing into my hands.

I think it was a release, I needed a good cry, I done my make up and headed out to see my boys.

We had a nice time, little one had a headache and the older one felt like poo so after having a McDonalds we popped to the pound shop, yeah I know, classy eh? well being in the middle of a pandemic there was not many options. It was nice to get out and see them, it was only for a while but I felt so much better.

Mothers Day is a strange day, for some it is incredible hard. Browsing through Facebook, people were sharing photos of their gifts from their kids, as lovely as it is I wondered why some people felt the need to show off what their kids have bought them on Facebook, it’s the same for Fathers Day, Birthday’s and Christmas. I get that you are grateful and all that but surely that is between you and the gift giver? It always comes across to me that they post to ‘show off’ like look at me my kids love me, they have bought me so many presents, I’ve been really spoiled, they have spent loads of money on me etc etc don’t get me wrong I’m not part of the crazy woke brigade but it made me wonder how those mums who’s child had passed away must feel or those who who have lost their mums. There are also those who can’t afford to buy a gift or a card, those who’s children, mum, grandmother have lost touch, the list goes on….

I received some absolutely lovely cards and gifts from my boys and I thanked them from the bottom of my heart and felt very blessed, not once did I think for a minute of showing off what I had received on Facebook. If it was particularly cute or funny then I may have done but it wouldn’t have been ‘look at me’ it would have been this is so funny etc to me it is personal, between you and your children if you feel the need to show off to the world then you must feel the need for validation from others, showing how important and loved you are, look at me…I find that very sad.

Mothers Day to me is a day for reflection and appreciation for all you have, everyone is someone’s mother figure whether your child has paws, you have a close friend you rely on or they rely on you or your dad has had to be both mum and dad to you. Maybe you have lost a child and the pain is hard to bear or your mum, sister, aunt, grandmother is no longer with you and it breaks your heart that you can’t tell them how much you love and miss them.

I think we all need to appreciate that not all of us celebrate Mothers Day, take a moment and reflect on how blessed you are. It says more about you as a person if you send love to those who need it rather than the day being all about material things.

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